New U.S. Sealift Capacity, Resources and Training Needs. Interview with Clay Maitland

Another interview in a Maritime TV series featuring Clay Maitland, Managing Partner, International Registries, Inc., Chairman of the Merchant Marine Policy Coalition (MMPC), and Founding Chairman of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), entitled  ‘Mondays with Maitland’ . The program series addresses issues of the day throughout the international maritime industry. In this twelfth interview in the series, as the 2nd National Maritime Strategy Symposium is about to take place in Washington D.C. on May 6, Maitland predicts the need for additional sealift capacity and trained mariners because of the increasing number of regional crisis points in the world, including the Black Sea, Persian Gulf and Asia. He discusses what the implications are for U.S. resources, training and infrastructure, both brown water and blue water, that are driven by this need. Click Here for New U.S. Sealift Capacity, Resources and Training Needs .