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The purpose of the Merchant Marine Policy Coalition (MMPC) is to ensure the future of the U.S. Flag Merchant Marine through the development of a “think tank” which will convene regularly at meetings, dinners and roundtable sessions.  This group is designed to be a non-profit, educational group, but not a lobbying organization.


The goals of the organization include:

· To support the U.S. Flag Merchant Marine

· To support the U.S. Flag Merchant Marine academies (state and Federal)

· To participate in the education of elected officials (including Congress) about the maritime industry

· To promote a stronger Maritime Administration

· To participate in the development of strong maritime policy

·To increase the visibility of the U.S. Flag Merchant Marine.


The MMPC will be governed by a Board of Directors that shall have the privileges and responsibilities of the designated non-profit structure.  Membership in the MMPC will be by invitation only, and subject to a majority, but not unanimous, vote of the Board.  Eligibility for membership will be based on the commitment of the US- based person or entity to the promotion of the U.S. Flag Merchant Marine.  Incorporation in Connecticut.